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Guitar Strings

Looking for a guitar teacher?  I've been playing since 1987 and I'm MA and BA qualified.  I've played in countless bands, been hired for session work, and teach various guitar and music courses at Morley College.  Text 07815 738 960 or use the Contact form.

Guitar Lessons in Hanwell, near Ealing (and anywhere in the world via Skype).

I teach most electric and acoustic guitar styles to people of almost all ages (10+) and abilities.

I have an approach to teaching that has been described by my students as 'relaxed but structured', 'hugely enjoyable, informative and supportive', 'pleasurable and productive', 'very easy to follow and 'enjoyable and inspiring.'

Are you a beginner?

I teach beginners of almost any age (10+) and have an MA, BA, and a PTLLS qualification in adult education.

Have you played for years...

...and yet think that you are not as good a player as you would really like to be? I have helped guitarists who were frustrated with their playing even after thirty years of trying. Read their testimonials.

Maybe you would like to learn... to play along to your favourite songs, play the blues, improve your technique, improvise lead guitar solos, or improve your understanding of music theory. I can help you with all of these things and more.

About Me

A Dedicated Guitar Instructor

I have moved to Hanwell after years of teaching in Chiswick.  I love what I do and it makes me so happy to be able to share my passion with others.  Since starting as a professional guitar tutor in 2005, I’ve been privileged to see so many students discover their natural skills and abilities and reach results they never dreamt were possible.  If that sounds like something you’d like to explore, get in touch.

Book of Chords


Lessons with Alistair are an absolute pleasure and regularly the most enjoyable hour of my week.

I have advanced more than I could have ever have imagined 15 months ago when I started from scratch, playing songs across many different styles using many different playing techniques.

This is primarily due to Alistair's relentless enthusiasm and encouragement in the face of even  my worst song renditions and exercises.

His lessons are structured and well prepared with the focus on what you  want to learn rather than what he wants to teach you.

I would not hesitate at all in recommending him to any guitar  player looking for a teacher.

Dave Osborne, Financial Analyst

When Alistair asked me for constructive criticism the only think I could come up with is that he doesn't remember how many sugars I like in my coffee!

As a guitar teacher however, he is simply excellent. He has loads of theoretical and practical knowledge and ability that he shares at a pace that perfectly suits my progress.

Great guitarist, great teacher, great guy. I would definitely recommend him.

Mark Cremer, Ikmarkcremer Ltd

I came to Alistair as a beginner and was quickly taught the  basics of playing.

In a measured but progressive fashion I was instructed on open and barre chords, fingerpicking, etc. Perhaps most importantly I was taught the importance of accompanying recorded music.

Within even a couple of lessons Alistair had me playing along to classics by Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix!

Throughout all my lessons I have been impressed by his patience and sheer enjoyment of what he does.

The lessons contain just enough theory to explain principles but not so much that I felt intimidated. Song sheets, TABs, scale exercises are readily provided during lessons and Alistair's archives contain a wealth of  other material for use by his students.

Alistair is an excellent teacher and never appears impatient or irritated by mistakes. His organisation of lessons is totally reliable.

I would recommend Alistair to anyone thinking of taking their guitar playing technique to higher levels.

Simon Horgan, Consultant Ophthalmologist

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